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Hmmm, lots of Black people have been teaching people about this within the Conscious Community.  Bobby Hemmitt, Phil Valentine, Delbert Blair, to name a few.  We even touched on this in the videos we made and put online: Tha 144 Videos.  Tried to let people know that the Sun and Earth communicate back and forth and the Sun is sending Solar Flares to help the Earth give birth to the New World.  Now modern science is acknowleding that the Sun and Earth are connected by invisible (to the naked eye) magnetic portals or wormholes.  Check out this link to see what We're talking about Magnetic Portals Connect Earth to Sun.  We even talked about Eating the Sun, or getting your energy directly from the Sun in this vid:

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Gregory Sams - Sun of gOd, Is The Sun Conscious?

We talk about the Sun of God with Gregory Sams. He was pioneering natural foods in the UK, he conceived and launched the original VegeBurger in 1982, adding a word to the language as he opened up the market for vegetarian foods. In 1990 Greg founded "Strange Attractions" the world's only shop ever dedicated to chaos theory and went on to
produce and license fractal images worldwide on everything from posters to book covers to fashion fabrics. 

In 98, his first book, "Uncommon Sense - the State is Out of Date" came out and 7 year into the new millenium he's been working on the book "Sun of gOd" that we are going to discuss primarily in our first hour, about the possibility that our sun might be a conscious entity, smarter then we might think. This is about the discovery of self-organized consciousness that underlines everything and about the potential rediscovery of something the ancient world knew much more about then we do today.

Topics Discussed: The Sun as a Consciousness, Science, Church, Solar Science, Inside the Sun, Sounds of the Stars, Photosynthesis, Warm of the Surface, Black Hole, Magnetic Field, Inca, Lost Star of Myth and Time, Sirius, Sacrifice, Empires of the Sun, Brown Dwarf Inside, the ancients relationships to the sun, magnetic portal, Do the sun respond to human activity? The Sun Driving Earthquakes, Solar System Warming, Sunspots, Satellites Going On, Pagan, Sun worshipers, the Church, Constantine, Sun Gazing, Rituals, Masons, Illuminati and more.

We'll proceed to discuss the Design of Life, Life Force Energy, "Bottom Up Organization" with Gregory Sams. We move into Gregory's work on chaos theory and his book "Uncommon Sense - The State is out of Date" and the insanity of government control, control freaks and regulation. We discuss how various aspects of life is choked by control and how it prevents growth and the self organizing order of things as they naturally are, solar worship and love for the sun.

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