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 We Put This Together to Explain Who We Are For Anyone Who Has Come To Our Website, Heard Us Speaking on Our Videos or Somewhere Else Online.
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Written by Sakkara Ali while in the Alpha mindstate: 
As above is also below.
The I in me Sakkara Ali

In the All of the heavens we have Dark matter.   Dark Matter is the triple blackness that of witch everything comes from.  This is the great mother also known as the Holy Ghost.  Then there is the great Sun.   The father, the center of the heavens witch all things dance round for the warmth and fertilization.  The planets, moons and stars are the children, the sons and daughters.  This is the great cycle in which everything comes from.  WE
may know it as the tree of life, the holy trinity and so on.
I am the son of the Father.  I being the Sun or Soul and father being God.
 I being the flesh the Soul being the Sun.  It is all part of the All continuing life cycle so one is always connected to the other. 

The Sun Is the Person the Flesh Which God is within.  The Son of God Is Also God .  The Father Son and Spirit or Mother is present in the All.  In everything there is and ever will be. 

The Holy Trinity represents the Cycle of Every Universe of universes.  WE, as soon as we are born from the mother personalize and characterize the first I,   God, The spirit for we are born in to flesh to experience the cranial body on the 3D Earth.

 We are born of man and woman to evolve from the present state that we are aware of in all dimensions.  This Earth represents the training and battle grounds for change.  We are in the dimension where only here we can change the all but when we come here it’s not so easy to stay focused

 Many Souls choose to wait it out on their present dimensions where they stay praying for the Nu Heru’s of God to come in under the Sun and Be born with the strength and wisdom to remember and transform from flesh to Soul working as one under God the I.  And Change the Dimensions for every one until we meet again in the next Cycle.

This Cycle is on going it will eventually need to be changed again when everyone has had their turn.  That’s why there’s a saying the first shall be last or what goes up must come down.  We who are born with God consciousness have risen and fallen and risen again and do not wish to fall any further.  That’s why We are born here and now.  The Ones Who Know, the one’s who no matter what we find out and hold on until change comes in our name The Christ’s the Sons of God, The Heru’s.

 God There is only one The I that is in the We that are here to play the game over and over again until it is exactly how we want it to be.  The ones that wish not to let someone else make the changes and decisions for us but to have it exactly our way.  Our paradise  created in our minds from our suns.   Straight from our Souls the Gods of the universe.   The Knowers and seers and the changers.

 After you Get this be very still send love and Gratitude and Receive the best blessings ever from this universe! Amen!
Sakkara Ali

Here Is Some Info I Put Together Back in December 2010 For a Brother Doing an Interview For His Book.  Be Sure To Check Out His Website:
My Responces are in Black.

Biographical Info

My name is Sharif Mika’El Ali. I’m from Toledo, Ohio by way of Memphis, Tenn.  I have always been conscious to a certain degree but my quest for knowledge of self really took off as a young adult after meeting my future wife, Sakkara who is from Brooklyn.  Neither of us had parents who raised us to be conscious of self.  Both of us gravitated towards this knowledge on our own.  Together we formed like Voltron and took off @ lightspeed.  We both had a love of hip hop which led to us starting our own independent record label,
and many subsequent adventures that took place after that.  I think one of the biggest steps we took towards letting the world know our state of mind and where we stood on things was converting to Islam in ’06.  We were pretty much the only muslims in our respective families.

Not long after that we began to have a series of eye opening (literally 3rd eye opening) personal, spiritual experiences that led to a rapid growth in our consciousness.  I have been led by a genuine desire to know my purpose in life and gain a greater understanding of the universe.  As they say, “Ask and ye shall receive”, we both have been blessed by the Most High to continue to grow in consciousness and understanding in such a small period that it was comparable to starting kindergarten and getting a college degree in a matter of weeks.

To cut a long story short, we decided in 2007 to move out of the country, in particular to Bahia, Brazil.  En route to Brazil, while living in Miami, we made a series of videos aimed @ raising consciousness/awareness in our community and the world in general.  We were led to name the videos Tha 144,000 (I see this number 144 everyday).  We packed the videos with as much info as we possibly could and tried to connect the dots as far as who we are as a people, where we come from, and what lies in our immediate future.

After that we moved to Brazil, where we currently reside.  We do have a series of websites that can help everyone gain a greater understanding on what is going on in the world.

Learn Moor About Bahia (int’l business, economics, plus tons of info about the country of Brazil, we also have Moorish/African Heritage Tours)

Lords of the 7C’s: Tha 144000 (Tha official 144,000 website, underground news from Our perspective, all of Tha 144,000 videos are located on this site)

Please provide readers with a short introduction to who you are, links to any sites you may run, or social networks you would like visitors to visit you on. (These are the links you would like to have published). You can include as much information as you are comfortable with, just be sure to give readers some background.

What is your name? Sharif Mika’El Ali & Sakkara Ali

How long have you been associated with the "Conscious" movement? I never really saw myself as associated with the Conscious movement. If I had to pick a time I would say since 2005.

What was your first experience with "Consciousness"? (i.e. "I attended a lecture by Dr. Ben"). At what age? For both of us we were 1st exposed to this consciousness at some point in time in the hood.  Sakkara used to talk with five percenters in NYC while in high school.  I used to speak with a Nuwaubian brother who sold dvds in South Memphis.  I was interested in the Masonic symbols he used to wear.

Are you an entrepreneur? If so, what goods and services do you provide that you would like to market to the public? Yes, we provide information for free on three of our websites.  One is about liberating information, another one has business, cultural, and travel info with a focus on Bahia, Brazil and finally our other info site is loaded with family tips, stories, and advice

In addition to those we have a travel site with all-inclusive travel deals and an online bookstore coming soon, The Conscious Book Café:

We also offer Moorish/African Heritage Tours of Bahia, Brazil. We run these tours all year. For more info on the Tours please visit this link:

What else would you like readers to know about you? We love our people and want to see everyone rise to their full and true potential!

Organizations no official affiliations

Are you a member of any Black/Moorish organizations? If so which ones? No we are not officially a part of any organizations however we will work with all who genuinely desire the liberation and ascension of our people.

Politics/Religion/Economics/Entertainment politrics (LOL) We need our own political organization.  I understand the need to represent ourselves on that forefront so Moorish American Party/True Islam/Moorish-Black Wall Street/We need to own our own media outlets.

What role, if any, does politics play in Conscious movements? Huge, damn near everything involves politics. Laws concerning our people are passed all the time and we have no effect whatsoever on the outcome because we do not play the game and therefore have no voice.

Has our collective involvement in the political process helped or hurt us as a people? I don’t think our collective involvement has gone much further than voting for Obama because he’s black, lol.  This type of mindset is immature and keeps the people stagnated and under the control of the people smart enough to play the political game for their own benefit.

What impact, if any, has the election of Barack Obama had on so-called Black America? I haven’t lived in the USA since July 2008 but I would guess that it made black people feel good for a minute and that’s about it. I can say that it had an effect in other countries by letting everyone know that black people in America are rising. That may not be apparent when you look at the black population in general but Obama is a sign of the time.  Whether the people are ready for the “real change” that’s coming or not, its happening right before their eyes.

What approach should Conscious men and women take towards politics? I think everyone needs to mature and move away from the rejecting politics attitude.  We are supposed to become the rulers of the planet! Of course we need to understand and master politics. Matter of fact Prophet Noble Drew Ali said he would leave the white man in power just long enough to show us how to run government. We need to learn from these experiences and stop rejecting systems because they make us feel powerless.  Instead learn how to empower yourself, even if it means putting in some work!

Do you believe it's OK for members of the Conscious movement to sell their "knowledge"? Why or why not? I do not have a problem with this.  They are supposed to be able to make a living and if there is an audience for the knowledge they have why not sell it?  People pay all the time to learn how to make money, learn how to cook, and the list goes on.  If you have knowledge that can free the mind, yes you should sell it.  That is in demand right now as the entire consciousness of the planet is shifting.  This may also be a way for us as a people to empower ourselves, by sharing our knowledge with the world.

What are some solutions that you would provide to ease the economic suffering of Blacks in America? Have you personally implemented any of these solutions? How did it work out? I do have some strategies for our people as a whole that I am as of yet perfecting.  I wish I had everything ready right now but I will soon, lol. Basically I believe everyone should alter their mindset towards the economic situation.  One ship is sinking while our ship is rising! Don’t see it as a negative because something has to fall in order for us to rise.

We need to learn other languages and start to sell our expertise (including higher consciousness information) to the world! Do not be stagnant or scared of the changing times.  The entire globe is connected now via the internet (which is just a model of our collective consciousness or the mind).  This is the time to become versatile and take your skills worldwide. That is why this will be a difficult transition for many but if you are brave enough to rise to the challenge you will be very prosperous for it.  I can personally attest to this as I have left my own comfort zone in the USA and moved to a country where the main language is Portuguese.  From living overseas I can say with confidence that American business skills are in high demand, even teaching English can bring in a significant amount of money.

For people who are well off financially I recommend that they start investing overseas, in real estate and other ventures. This is what the financial elite of the world is doing. Check out my blog for more info on this subject: Also if anyone wants to arrange private consultation please email me at This is our time to RISE, not a time for fear!

What are some things preventing the establishment of a so-called Black economy? I think nationality is a big deterrent.  We already established black economies in the past within the United States with Black Wallstreet and many other black financial districts. They were operating on a level above the current state of our people because most businesses were black owned and they were even beginning to trade with other nations. Even with all of this prosperity they were able to be destroyed by white people because they where operating in a legal status the equivalent of being a person’s possession.  We know that classifying yourself as black from a legal standpoint is a fiction.  Doing so removes any protections that you may have and also makes it difficult to retrieve damages from previous assaults.  We have to tackle all challenges facing us as a people and nationality is a big one.

Is Black theology helping so-called Blacks in America or adding to confusion and division? It depends on the situation. Unfortunately, many preachers in the black churches are keeping their congregation ignorant and using them to line their own pockets.  In the case of preachers such as Jeremiah Wright however, he is at least teaching the congregation that they are the people of the scriptures. There are other Afrocentric churches like this across America which is a good thing because there are still a lot of people who are not ready for information beyond this level.  If people attending church are at least seeing themselves as God’s people then they are in good shape.

What is your religious affiliation? For classification purposes I’ll say Islam. This is the last major religion brought to the world and the most efficient for cleaning up and civilizing fallen humanity.

Why is entertainment important (or not important) as it relates to Blacks in America? Entertainment is huge, which is why so much money is put behind it.  Its even bigger than a national issue because entertainment is the major export for the United States.  The music, tv, and movies in particular get exported all over the world.  No matter what country you are in these larger than life images of Beyonce, Will Smith, Kanye West, and the like are bombarded into your culture.  For now at least, this is the face of Black America as far as the world is concerned.  We need our own media company, similar to B.E.T. before it went downward, to take control of the way we present ourselves to the world.

Entertainment is really about programming, or mind control.  Whoever controls the mind, or collective consciousness controls the world.  Entertainment is a guise used to put the mind at ease so you do not notice the rituals being played out for your mind’s eye (3rd eye/pineal gland).  Right now androids, or should I say white people are doing our job for us.  Showing the Obama Family in the White House sends a powerful message around the globe.  Its time for us to take over and show the world what we are really capable of.  Noone else is on our level!

How would you explain Consciousness to an unconscious person? I would tell them that Consciousness is whatever they direct their focus/intent/attention towards. In my opinion it is best to have a well-balanced Consciousness. The world we live in is multi-dimensional and in order to get the most out of this experience it is imperative that you are versatile.

Just as there are things before you that you see with your eyes there are also unseen factors that affect your life, whether you realize it or not.  Once you become conscious of this greater reality you can begin to manipulate and affect your environment greater to your benefit.

However you have to stay balanced.  You can’t be so focused on the unseen that you don’t see what is right in front of you and vice versa.  The best thing to do is seek as much information as you can and take what you can apply to your own life.  Do this and you will notice your own consciousness expanding.

In your opinion, what are the most powerful organizations in so-called Black America today? (i.e. The Murakush Empire, The Nation of Islam, NGE) Without a doubt The Nation of Islam is the most powerful organization in so-called Black America today. They have a membership in the thousands. Many, not all, of the members are disciplined and at least trying to live righteous lives. Not to mention the Fruit of Islam, an army right in the midst of Babylon, that alone is pretty impressive.  Noone except Farrakhan could pull off the Million Man March and he gets a lot of respect within the community from non members.

They are the most powerful, though not without flaws.  All of our organizations have their own strengths and weaknesses.  I do not think we will be successful until all of these organizations including The Nation of Islam come together under the Moorish Flag.

What are some pitfalls and dangers that you see in Black/Moorish movements? The only dangers I see are people placing themselves in a position where they are able to be incarcerated or worse.  This is not a problem for most, but for the few who are not aware of the consequences of putting pictures online posing with guns, etc you are putting yourself in a category of domestic terrorist.

Its no different than an unconscious person taking pictures with guns to show how gangsta they are then putting the pictures online.  The pictures will be held against them later on in the courtroom.  With all this talk of martial law why would anyone do these things?  Have no fear, but at the same time guard yourself and be smart.

What factors are contributing to the failure of Conscious movements? I think the main reason certain movements fail is because we as a people haven’t been truly ready to rise until now.  No excuses over here, we are the ones who keep messing things up.  I know about cointelpro and all that stuff but the main detractor when we organize and attempt to do things is ourselves.

Hell none of the plans to take us down would work if our enemies were not able to convince one of us to help destroy the movement. This is always the case, even in slavery with the uprisings.  Take Nat Turner for example, some coon went and warned the whites that he was coming.  There was an uprising here in Bahia, Brazil were we live at and it was the same case.  A sellout went and warned the whites.

What should Black Men and Women be doing now to advance the Conscious movement? If they sincerely want to advance the Conscious movement the main thing they need to do is come together and work as a unit. We need to support each other and not let any outside influences dictate who we are or where we should be as a people. All we have to do right now is focus on ourselves and our own agenda and everything else will fall into place.

What is your personal philosophy on the role, performance, and position of the opposite sex in the movement? Sharif: I believe the women are the 1st educators of the children. They nurture the nation, which means we as men must make their world comfortable enough to nurture children and raise a prosperous nation.  This may not be true for all women but for the most part the movement would be most successful if women are able to focus on taking care of the diet, children, and home, or in other words the family.  When we men eliminate the distractions and detractors preventing our women from being able to focus on our own families we will truly experience prosperity like never before!

Our women should not be cleaning other people’s houses, cooking for them, watching their little monsters, and in some cases even breastfeeding other people’s babies! This was the case in the past with many of our grandmothers, aunties, etc.  Now the major problem is the woman out working, giving her time and energy away to some employer.  This is a problem.  Our women should not be out giving their energy to anyone outside of the community.  Their focus and intent should be on building up our own nation, beginning with their very own homes and families.

What are some solutions you would suggest if you were the president over all so-called Blacks in America? Oh shit a nigga in the white house, lol!  Naw, forgive me.  1st thing I would do is set up our own republic.  We need our own land.  Everyone down would be required to dissolve/liquidate their birth certificate bonds with the U.S. Corporation.  The main focus would be on building our nation up.

At the same time we would use our new nation status to put the U.S. Corporation on trial for crimes against humanity. They would also be getting sued for numerous disputes.  We would be getting paid and using that money to build our own superpower, just like Israel did!  My people would have to clean up their acts to get down.  Seriously, everyone would have to dissolve and expatriate from the United States.  Just to get things started…

Where, in your opinion, are Blacks in America headed as a whole? What is the future of consciousness in so-called Black America? Despite the way things may seem we are on the rise.  We have to hit rock bottom 1st, which socially, it would appear that our community has either done this or is very close to it.  We are the strongest people in the world and nothing is going to break us.  If we have to hit the bottom its only because we as a people need to learn some things so that when we rise we will be that much better, truly unbreakable.

Believe it or not, consciousness is on the rise in so-called Black America.  Its rising all over the world and the so-called Blacks in America are no exception.  Not to sound to "spaced out", but with all the solar flares shooting out from the Sun and hitting the Earth something major is going on with our people.  We are CHANGING and RISING. It’s not so noticeable because everyone is at different levels of consciousness, but we are changing.  

Name one other person that everyone in the conscious community should be made aware of that is alive today. Africa Bambaataa

Describe your perfect vision of a black society (in your perfect vision, how do we live, work, entertain ourselves, raise our children, sustain an economy, etc)
In my perfect vision we have our own land, with housing and technology that works in unison with nature.  We all would be living in abundance.  The ECONOMY would not be based off of SCARCITY so there is no need for anyone to be hungry or lacking what they need.

The children will be raised to reach their full potential which will be evidenced with the new abilities that our society will be able to regain.  We will have an intergalactic society that is aware and in contact with the greater Intergalactic/Interdimensional Family that surrounds us.  We will be able to move freely between different planets and dimensions with ease.

Sharif Mika'El Ali
Tha 144,000

LORDS OF THE 7C'S: Tha 144,000!!!(Real News for Melanated People, from our perspective!)

Learn Moor About Bahia (Brazil) (How-to guide of Bahia & Brazil. An international portal for foreign travelers, info on flights, visa, passport, Salvador, Carnival, and more)

Mami Knows Best (Our adventures in parenting as a young American multicultural family living a holistic, healthy, happy, natural, spiritual life in Brazil.)

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