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Wow the Hype is Building up.  More on that later.  What's really going on.  Why are they telling us to "Watch the Throne?"

Is Jay-Z & Kanye West’s Watch The Throne Aimed At Lil Wayne?

It’s the first thing that came to mind as soon as Jay-Z and Kanye West unveiled the name of their upcoming joint album, Watch The Throne. Don’t act like you didn’t think the same thing, either.

The album’s title comes across as a thinly veiled trigger to remind the Young Money/Cash Money massive that Jay and ‘Ye are indeed hip-hop’s kings. The art form’s competitive nature also lends itself easily to the theory; after all, Wayne has dubbed himself “the greatest rapper alive.” Over the years Jay and Weezy have had a friendly rivalry, which seemingly was squashed with the collaborative tracks “Mr. Carter” on Tha Carter 3 and “Hello Brooklyn 2.0″ on American Gangster.

The minute everything started looking kosher, Cash Money master Birdman a.k.a Baby and Jay ended up in an assumed war of words. The story goes that after Baby was vocal about Wayne being named number two (behind Jay) on MTV’s Hottest MC’s In The Game list, Jay hit back (coincidentally) on the first release from Watch The Throne‘s recording sessions. “H.A.M.” featured a verse from Hov sounding like it was aimed right at Baby’s claim to riches: “N*ggas fantasize about the shit that I do daily/Like these
rappers rap about all the shit that I do really/I’m like really, half a billi, n*gga?/Really you got baby money/Keep it real with n*ggas, n*ggas ain’t got my lady money.” Birdman hit back via his Twitter account, sending out numerous sarcastic tweets referencing the phrase “baby money.”

When MTV’s Sway asked Weezy about Jay’s “H.A.M” lyric earlier this year, he gave an interesting response. “Me and my wit, given my wit, I would probably play off of it. But I wouldn’t make it a competition, because actually, the subject that he’s talking about in that line, I can’t box with the God. I’d be the first one to tell you that, given my wit, and the type of person that I am, I’d capitalize and I’d play off of it. Yeah, I definitely would.”

Even Drake has chimed in, humorously alluding to British radio host Tim Westwood that him and Wayne decided to do a joint album first. “[Wayne and I] still got to do that [collaboration] album. I heard two other guys are coming out with an album together, too,” he said, laughing. “There’s two other rappers [that] are coming out with an album together. I don’t know where they got that idea, but I caught wind of it through the grapevine that there’s some other album with two guys rapping on it.”

“H.A.M” is the only single from the Watch The Throne sessions that’s so far been released but according to Jay-Z, it may not end up on the finished album. “Lift Off” featuring Beyoncé will drop sometime today, according to internet chatter.


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We are the Illuminati...That's Why Kanye & Hova are telling you to "Watch the Throne".

There is a Power Shift Going On Right Before Our Eyes.
It's Subliminal but it is going Down right now at this Point in Time.  This is What the 2012 Hype is All About!!!

The two titans have apparently flipped the script on Hip Hop and recorded over a dubstep-inspired beat for "Watch the Throne".

With the release of the complete tracklist and latest leak "Otis", anticipation for Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne album has reached fever-pitch levels. Now, one of the album's featured songwriters, Verse Simmonds, sheds a bit of light on the upcoming album and the Roc Boys' wide range of musical influences.

According to a recent interview with MTV, Simmonds revealed that Hov and 'Ye looked to the dubstep genre for one of the album's songs, titled "Who Gon' Stop Me." Simmonds, who wrote the chorus to the track, explained that he and co-producer/Jugganauts partner Sak Pase came up with the song's concept after a discussion about the rising influence of dubstep on modern music.

"What we did is, we locked in a week, we just went crazy on everything Jay and Kanye," Simmonds told MTV News. "I remember telling Sham, I was like, 'Yo, I think this dubstep stuff is going to be the next new flavor that everybody gotta be on. It gotta have a Hip Hop feel to it still'...we started creating the track, and it just started to come crazy, so we came up with the concept. It was like, 'Who gon stop me, huh? Black cards, black cars, whole lot of money.'"

Simmonds also discussed the chorus that he penned for the Hip Hop legends. He explained that he tapped into Jay and Kanye's creative flair and lyrical patterns to create the hook.

"When I recorded it, everybody was like, 'Yo, you sound just like Kanye, you sound just like Jay-Z,'" he recalled. "It's just crazy, because I felt like, at that moment in time, I was them. I got into that mode of: 'What would these guys say? How would they say it?' I think they heard it the first time and loved it."

The full interview can be seen below.

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01 No Church In The Wild f. Frank Ocean (prod. Kanye West & 88-Keys)
02 Lift Off f. Beyoncé (prod. Kanye West, Mike Dean, Jeff Bhasker, Q-Tip & Don Jazzy)
03 Niggas In Paris (prod. Hit-Boy, Kanye West, Mike Dean & Anthony Kilhoffer)
04 Otis f. Otis Redding (prod. Kanye West)
05 Gotta Have It (prod. The Neptunes & Kanye Wwest)
06 New Day (prod. The RZA, Kanye West, Mike Dean & Ken Lewis)
07 That’s My Bi**h (prod. Q-Tip, Kanye West & Jeff Bhasker)
08 Who Gon’ Stop Me (prod. Sham “Sak Pase” Joseph, Kanye West & Mike Dean)
09 Murder To Excellence (prod. Swizz Beatz & Symbolyc One)
10 Welcome To The Jungle (prod. Swizz Beatz, Mike Dean & Ken Lewis)
11 Made In America f. Frank Ocean (prod. Sham “Sak Pase” Joseph & Mike Dean)
12 Why I Love You f. Mr Hudson (prod. Mike Dean & Kanye West)
13 Illest Motherfucker Alive (prod. Southside, Kanye West & Mike Dean) *
14 H.A.M (prod. Lex Luger, Kanye West & Mike Dean) *
15 Primetime (prod. No I.D.) *
16 The Joy f. Curtis Mayfield (prod. Pete Rock, Kanye West & Mike Dean) *
* denotes bonus tracks

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