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Metaphysical Breakdown Below
Plot: Years after a plague kills most of humanity and transforms the rest into monsters, the sole survivor in New York City struggles valiantly to find a cure.

Stars:Will Smith


Will Smith "I AM a Legendary Slave"

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First off, this was a bullshit movie, boring as fuck, and I'll sum it up quick as I can.

Zombie movies as an archetype are talking about the chaos or underworld rising up and destroying this world.

It's always a virus connected it to the blood. Notice they always got to have a black person in a zombie movie. Even that black and white version of Night of the Living Dead (1968) had a nigger in it. They use that to make a point its nigger related. It's rare they don't have a black savior in the zombie movie.

It's always this virus that transforms people or the DNA it something other worldly. Same shit in this movie, and same point over and over. Never changes because they telling you something, that's why it's always the same scenario, a virus. I didn't study this movie deep but check it out once and this is what stood out.

This was kinda deep, he was recording for his records and said the date was Sept. 5th 2012. So the brought it to 2012 and of the world. Ight cool it's suppose to be the end of the world and the only people who need this planet to exist anymore is whites.  He said Sept. 5 which = 9-5, or 9 to 5 2012 = the end of time, 9 to 5 representing the job, rat race reality and times as most know it. 2012 is the end of the world.

These Zombies can't come out during the day, but rule the night. He could move freely with his dog during the day. He's playing Osirus, The greater sun which is Sirius sun (Amen Ra) the sun behind the sun. He would broadcast each day and said "If anyone could hear me I'll be at this location each day at noon." Noon, when the sun is at its highest point, you can count on it to be seen by all. Osirus being the god of the dead, him being that last man, during the day he's the risen sun god and at night he goes through Amentia like all the gods in his cosmic boat. Note black as a whole are going through amentia now only to rise up again. They showed him at night sleeping in the bath tub representing the cosmic boat. Will was in the land of the dead, underworld, like Osirus, his scope gun was the all Seeing Eye. In the movie Will was a scientist, so was Tehuti and Tehuti is an aspect of Osirus. Osirus, Tehuti, and Anubis are later aspects of Set. The Set before pre-dynastic times just bring that up while were talking aspects.

The zombies got one goal, in all zombie movies as well, is to fuck shit up on earth and eat it all until nothing is left. Zombies are the primal world emerging in this reality. They can't look normal here because they don't belong in this realm, but on the other side, they normal, because they are in there primal reality. The zombie is the primal force in the human which is trapped in humanity, the zombie represents the soul. The soul wants to be free, this force emerged seeks to destroy your human prison. Most zombie movies they eat the brain. The brain is your prison, the ego. As long as one man stands, he might try to save the planet and stop this force. Once everybody gone, the zombies will starve, and die off and then they are totally free leaving behind a dead world. You never see the true understanding in these movies because they trying to shut down this soul transformation.

Heroes and X-men are examples of mutations in the DNA, the zombies are the same thing but represented as more primal and stronger force, and when we do start to transform even on the Heroes level it is still a scary zombie movie from whites. In X-men Heroes and zombie movies, there's always a force trying to stop the rise, trying to suppress the energy.

Understand this, going through Amentia, means you master it that's why we would do it, Osirus god of the dead, goes to the underworld to rule it over it, bringing it into a new light. This just means he mastered his Dark Side, Just like Darth Vader, Darth Vader is Osirus. Darth Vader crosses his arms like Osirus in the Sarcophagus, skill and cross b.. death, all the same shit. Osirus internalizes the journey it and move on to a new light mastering what he did not know (dark side) and becoming new based upon his adventure going through gates in the underworld. Another understanding is us, the black people, all the slavery, hanging, beating and raping is us as a group, and the gods are here in the western hemisphere  are going through Amentia now in America (even the words sound the same, Amentia - America.) We are going through amentia, the Duat, and now that it time for us to rise out of land of the dead, subconsciously, they are trying to stop it with these movies. This movie is just one of many; over and over I see the same subconscious plot.

Osirus is supposed to rise; instead what happens to Will Smith character in the end doesn't
Will's dog represented a mundane Anubis, Anpu travels with Osirus through the underworld. Even the dog want to get to his primal self, But the earth dog is a mundane version of the real representation of Anubis.

Remember Cerberus, the three headed dog that guard the gates to the underworld, is a later Greek version of Anubis. Three dogs attack and one bites Will's mundane dog, they jumped out of a black hole again a reference to a dark gateway of hell. Earlier in the movie the dog ran into another black hole, right in the belly of the beast. It's seems like the dog was ready to transform not then Will.  They 3 dogs were the primal form of Will's mundane dog. They turn the dog, hooking him up with his true self, primal Anubis. Will kills his dog after it was bitten, now that's better cause he's dead and really moves on, but in the movie it's was representing Will shutting down the primal force rising.

The formula that Will Smith gets to work was called "series 6," 6 being the number of man; his goal was to bring back man to his earthly prison. He was redeeming man, not his soul.

The most conscious zombie in the movie was playing the role of Set. Leader of the underworld and took the shit personal. He's the one who was going hard at Will. Osirus/Heru and Set, Light and darkness do battle
The Zombie woman he capture to do experiments on to bring her back to human was a very deep in this movie, Her temperature was way above normal, hot and he had to put her on ice, aight, I'm sure you caught that was a reference to the planet heating up and Kundalini energy rising and the black woman's role in this.

The goal was to put the black woman on ice, and he was injecting her with shit. Stay out the fuck out the hospitals black women, they just laid out in this movie what they plan on doing to your ass to cool down the planet in real life.

After his Dog dies, he's on a rampage, he's out at night and get in to it with the Zombies, suicide mission, at the last moment he's saved. They don't really show you by who but you know it's a woman. He's out of it but he manages to tell her where he lives. He wakes up and find he's all patched up or put together again by Isis.

So you have this white woman and her sun in his kitchen cooking. She said she used to be a nurse, Isis was a nurse. Her sun said nothing this whole movie. Harpocrate the baby Heru is pictured  with his thumb in his mouth, it's repersent the pure soul, quiet in flesh untill he's called on to be the hero. The sun was Heru and was with his mother Isis, She said I hear your brocast so That's why I was at the pier at noon. Isis finds Osirus and saves his life. Ofcourse, white people.

He tells him of a world of survivors who get this….. "Live in the Mountains" this representing the higher realms out of the underworld, higher reality of in the context of this movie, out of the underworld. He doesn't believe it, he yells and argues, there is nothing in the mountains, and he asks her, how do you know? She says god told her, she just feels that its real;  and she just knows they are there, she also said she felt Will's radio call as well. This is an Isis feminine right brain power, just Mother Nature reading the ethers. He yells "ain't no god," they only thing real is what I'm doing.  In short, she found the real god and wanted to bring him out of Amentia. Asur, telling her greater information from the underworld understanding which he discovered being there was, I'm god ain't no man in the sky. Underworld is your subconscious mind which is all-knowing, him going through hit he becomes more conscious discovering more dark formally unknown information. He told his wife and this fake white Isis when asked to leave, this is my lab, I'm not going anywhere, this is "Ground 0" 0= earth ground = matter, he was saying I'm staying in the physical.

Will Smith comes from downstairs and this is what's word thsat were being said on his TV being watched by the kid
-You there. Ogre!
-By the order of Lord Farquaad I am authorized to place you both under
Arrest and transport you to a designated..... Resettlement facility.
-Oh, really? You and what army?

I was like that was deep as hell ! Everyone should know about the Illumanti plan, suppose to round all niggers up and put them in concentraion camps and all, that's some bullshit. But they have been using that bullshit to scare niggers for ever, thanks to white conspiracy theroist, like David Icke, Alex Jones.

So as soon as they said "You there. Ogre!" Will Smith comes on screen, looking at the fake white Heru, who is playing us in the movie.

 To be clear, Heru is in the blood. The fragmented DNA or what they have been calling "junk DNA" is Osirus, in pieces. Osirus is cosmic; Heru is Osirus in the flesh of all of us, redeeming our higher selves. Isis finds 13 of the 14 pieces, with out the penis she fly's of her husband/brother or creates Heru was created to finish the work; make the father whole, we are collectively the Heru lineage. This is a story that's about the blood not a physical fight with white people. Us going through the underworld on this planet is us fighting "so called evil." We master it and it merges in us IE Heru wins his battle and becomes the father Osirus to then unite again with this wife Isis, who also plays his mother on earth. The feminine energies what's key and actives all that shit. They why Will had a female zombie on his table working on her, same reason the white man is always asking for your woman's blood. She's the key and he knows it.

Will has been injecting the zombies with his blood trying to make a cure. He finds the one that works. As his house was bring invaded by the zombies, the last show down between him and the zombies, he saves the fake Isis and Heru, notice never the black woman, they do everything in there power to shut that image down. He stays and takes a grenade and goes out with the zombies. He gave her the working formula (series 6) and they make it out to the mountains with his blood with a cure to save mankind. They also made sure they showed you a church in that last scene.

So in the end, why "I AM a Legendary Slave?" Here we go again, our divine right is to move beyond this darkness, to greater realities, we know it, even dead niggers know it on some level, and whites know it and also know they don't get to go to higher realities no more than a hammer does. A hammer is an earth product and when no earth, no hammer. White people are an earth product, when we go, they do not go where we go and if no earth not whites. It's in their best interest to keep us locked down while they try to figure out how to get the everlasting life we have already obtained.

There's no more to do here, we already built pyramids thousands of years ago, been figured it out, that's why we have now become the becoming the zombies! The fact that we are talking about consciousness now is because the rise out of Amentia/America is in effect if you line up with the energy. I'm sure you know this from all the niggers you see sleep standing on their feet. In these movies they always show you the zombies losing because they are trying to get you on the side of the humans by making zombies scary, savage, but it's representing your power, even though your conscious mind may not make the connection, you all knowing subconscious mind does, and that's what they are talking too in these movies.

When they show a constant, they are trying to drill something in your mind. To stop it, note that 70% of the movies you watch examine the bad guy, in most cases they talking about us, cheer for them. Whites know they in a war, most Negroes don't. They put themselves in our roles like in this last one the white girl Isis and the White boy Heru, because they are trying to become us. They are trying to put the constant image of his woman as Isis, man as Osirus / Heru, we know better cause we conscious, they going for dead niggers for their energy. They fooled us into become them, which is nothing, bigger house, better job, equal rights, better car, watch. They turned the tables.

Will Smith gave his blood to save the world and dies for it. He was supposed to go to the mountains with his black woman and his black baby. He looks at the picture of his wife and kid and kills himself. Back to the land of the dead with all three, stuck back on earth. Forever shown as the slave, giving your blood, and your family and your life to save them!

The movie was wack to. I only seen it once, if I see nit twice, I would really tear the shit up. But it was so corny, same shit different toilet.

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