Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Please don't be scared or worried by this post, I'm mostly tripping because this Hopi Indian who shared the info is an "El".  Peep the info.  Only take with a grain of salt.

Saturday, March 19, 2011 4:36
A descendant of a Hopi Indian Trbal elder living in Millersville, PA., has broken a vow of silence with fellow descendants in order to warn fellow Pennsylvanians of an impending earthquake that could impact thousands in central Pa. (Peep his name) Chikawa El Miesseni, who goes by the name Alex Grande, told local officials that the Hopi prophesies are more specific regarding the physical
location of the second of three earthquakes prophesized in the famous Hopi legendary prophesies. According to El Miesseni, the second large quake projected to occur in the summer of 2011 is actually going to occur somewhere between Harrisburg and Philadelphia in early July of 2011. Based on his knowledge of the specific prophesies, the quake will be "as powerful and devasting" as the recent earthquake off the coast of Japan.
When questioned further, El Miesseni stated he broke his long silence after having a dream that explicitly revealed that the cooling towers of nearby Three Mile Island would release large amounts of radioactive plumes into the skies of central Pennsylvania and neighboring states. He warned that the plumes would follow the trade winds "and carry death" across the state. He recommended evacuation as the only way to remain entirely safe. At the timeof the interview, the Hopi elder was making plans to leave central Pa to join some of his tribesmen in either the Canadian Rockies or Orlando Florida, depending on a possible land agreement with the Seminole Indians.

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