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Friday, April 1, 2011


This is messed up on so many levels.  Tilikum, the Killer Whale has killed at least three people and they are still trying to be "cool" with him and act like he wants to perform in these damn Sea World shows for the "good white folks"! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tilikum_(orca)  Damn, me and Tilikum are about the same age, lol

I almost think somebody is scared to put Tilikum back in the ocean because he has witnessed how evil and nasty these people are up close and personal.  Seriously, like they are scared Tilikum is gonna lead a revolution and wake up the rest of the Killer Whales.
Tilikum with one of his babies.

Check the video clip out for yourself.  This is ridiculous.  Listen to the people in the audience.  Tilikum is like Mike Tyson, Kimbo Slice, and Michael Vick combined.  They are scared as hell of this Killer Whale and they still won't give up the charade of power.  THEY CAN'T CONTROL HIM!

I'm not trying to compare us to animals but this is real.  All of this money is being spent to keep up the illusion of power and control over us "so-called" Black People in America!  The animals know what time it is, that's why they are in FULL OUT ATTACK MODE!  More on that at the bottom of this article.  The Brother Aseer The Duke of Tiers Spoke on This Very Topic on The Abundance Child BlogTalkRadio Show.
Listen to this clip from the show and you'll see what I mean.

Aseer was really on point.  Check out this recent article on Yahoo.  A fisherman says a 375 pound Mako shark jumped 15 feet in the air and landed in his boat.

Another lady in the Florida Keys got hit by a leaping eagle ray that jumped out of the water and landed on her.

Reports say that a Great White Shark Jumped onto a boat full of "white people".  WTF???!!!
More details here.

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