Monday, August 15, 2011


 Why every time I sit back and watch some music videos I see candles burning, crucifixes, skulls, skeletons,  cross roads, and all kinds of other images and ritual visuals.

Just check out these videos and tell me what you think.

But Its all Good though We don't need to be afraid of our selves and our natural state of mind. Our ancestors did these things living in tune with nature and the universal laws of love and light.
These videos shows us that we are still connected to our source no matter how many distractions we are drilled with every day through the T.V., Radio, School systems, religion, ect.

We Still Run This Town no matter how you think act or feel. Nothing gos down on this Earth with out our permission and consent that's why all the distractions. Think about it when detracted you will buy things that you don't need agree with bad advice, do things with out thinking in depth about it and cant finish a thought or a task . That's the wool that was pulled over our eyes. But as Original People When we are born in to these situations we learn to adapt to work with what we have and find way around road blocks to get to where we are going. No matter how lost we will always find HOME!

That why the first thing we all learn and embrace as conscience people when waking up is Mother Africa. Where the people lived in Peace,Love and Harmony with the Suns, and, Earths of the Universe. Living through the Source. The Chaos is to scientifically witness how the original people of this planet no matter what always finds the source. Through our Source We are the Creator of all. Our soul Is The God Within living a human life through the flesh. You can only experience this by being born of an original father and mother. The trinity. The gate way for Souls to be born. Read my "As above also is below"
Sakkara Ali
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