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The Law of Attraction formula is (Belief + Vision) Passion = Manifestation. The Law of Attraction brings you whatever you need for manifesting your dream once all 3 elements are in sync. This puts you in the flow.
If any of those elements is missing, you will fail to manifest because you are in conflict or some reason. The best way to stay in the flow, is to stay with your life’s purpose. There are a number of ways to do this, but we will describe the simplest way.

Finding Your Life’s Purpose:

Many teachers of the Law of Attraction, or self development, have methods of discovering your life’s purpose. I have used many, some of which cost money and some which didn’t. The reason for doing this is
that when you are on your path, life/Source/Creator/God helps you out.

So, perhaps you are middle aged and have been a banker or a business middle management employee all your life. Perhaps you have a mortgage and a family to support but you aren’t happy. Do not go back to school, or quit your job to start your own business. The first thing to do is to determine your life’s purpose. This is not a complicated project but it will take some determination to go until it is done.

The first phase will be to empty all the preconceived, programmed purposes that were given to you by family members or teachers. I am reminded by the eldest daughter of a friend. Linda had many talents. When she was in high school, her art teacher kept trying to recruit her to study art, and he offered to write her letters for various schools, or to introduce her to professional artists. Linda rejected each offering as gently as she could. He finally asked her why she kept running away from a wonderful talent. She explained that she was happy to be a good artist, but that her real interest and talent was in music. She had recognized that she enjoyed art, but was passionate about music. She went on to study music as an undergraduate and graduate student, and became a well known composer in Canada, who also choreographed dance and theater pieces.

Well meaning adults attempt to influence youth. You will first need to empty these memories and programs from your mind. The process below will take care of that.

Get a few pieces of blank paper and something to write with. Find a place where you can work quietly without disturbance for an hour or two.

1) Write, “What is my Life’s Purpose?” at the top.

2) Begin to write one possibility which might be your life’s purpose.

3) Repeat step 2 and number each. The first 20, 25 or 50 or 100 answers might be from your reservoir of advice and suggestions. These will not come with any feeling attached. Keep going until you have a strong feeling. Put a star at that one because it is closer to your personal purpose. You might try variations on those themes. The one that makes you cry is the one. This is your truth.

In the past, I have been moved by purposes with several parts, and it has taken me up to an hour to get there. If this is the first time you have done this kind of exercise, it might take more than an hour. Since I have done this before, the answers with which I had an emotional connection were shorter and more direct. Most recently, my answer was three words. In my experience, the Ego is more verbose. Your intuition or higher power or spiritual mind is concise.

More on Allowing and the Law of Attraction

Once you have your life’s purpose, you know what river you need to swim in to go with the flow, or what path you need to be on. As long as you stay true to that purpose, you will be swimming downstream or walking on an easy path. Your vibration rate will be high and you will find that you are more focused and happier than you ever were before.

As with Linda above, success will be yours if you want it. As if you are on a merry-go-round, you just simply have to grab the rings as they present themselves.

This is the function of the Law of Attraction – to present those rings to you, as long as you stay on your path. If you stray, the rings will no longer appear. This will be your clue to redo this exercise and afterward to reaffirm your commitment to stay on your path no matter how many or how appealing the distractions are.

Best of luck to you.

by: Nancy Stremmel

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