Friday, August 19, 2011


Happiness is something we get to choose to have in our lives. It is not something that is strictly an external effect (although if done right we can help people achieve happiness from the outside). You have the choice every day in every situation to decide if you are going to be happy or not. It does not matter what happens to you at any given moment, you can choose to be happy about it or not happy about it. I personally vote to choose to be happy as often as possible. If you implement the follow 4 steps you will be successful and bringing more happiness in your life.

Step #1: Know what makes you happy

I know this seems rather simple, if you want to be happy know what makes you happy. The point is that it is that simple. Sadly, most people do not take the time to do this basic first step. People complain about not
being happy, they lament the fact they are unhappy, but they have no idea what does or would make them happy. Keep in mind happiness ultimately comes from within, but there can be effective external triggers that help. If you are struggling to manifest happiness from within then find what makes you happy outside of you and have that around you more.

Step #2: Focus on only doing things that bring you or will lead to your happiness

This is building on step #1, once you know what makes you happy then make sure you are constantly taking action every day to have these things around you. If they are things that you need to acquire, then take time and effort every day working towards acquiring these things. Remember once again that happiness ultimately comes from the inside, but by having some things around you that make you happy you open yourself up to the feeling of happiness and get more used to knowing how it feels so you can create it for yourself more often.

Step #3: Find out what makes those closest to you happy

This is the next step in being able to create happiness in your life, learning what it is that makes those closest to you happiest. This will take some effort, often you cannot learn this just by asking a couple of questions. You really have to be present, observant and watch what things create a feeling of happiness and joy in these other people. Once you know what it is that is bringing them happiness then you are ready to move on to step #4.

Step #4: Make other people happy

Once you have a clear understanding of what it is that makes those closest to you happy, then create situations in which those situations occur so they are happier more often. If hugs make them happy then give hugs, if having their dinner appreciates makes them happy appreciate their dinner, etc. Why am I focusing on making other people happy? Because when you are around happy people you naturally become happier. If you are not ready to manifest happiness from within, help others have it and you will absorb it naturally from being around them.

So ultimately the key to having more happiness in your life is learning how to create it from within. In order to learn how to manifest happiness you have to experience more happiness. If you follow these simple 4 steps you will start to experience more happiness, which will lead you to being better able to manifest it from within for yourself.

By: Sean Adams

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