Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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The Art of Tutting
keep calm tutting

 Is it just another dance or is something ancient coming through the DNA?

This thing is kind of weird but in a cool way.  These dudes are contorting their body and fingers to create images and formations never seen before (unless you are from Memphis, Tenn).

I think they were doing this in Memphis, TN years ago but props to these youngsters for being creative.

tutting gangsta walk

I remember a few years back this dude on YouTube was talking to me about how this Memphis style of dance (gangsta walking, tickin, buckin and jookin) created movements that were eerily similar to the body positioning of the ancient Egyptians on the hieroglyphs.

memphis zoo heiroglyphics

For the most part I agreed with him.  It's no coincidence that Memphis is named after the ancient city of Memphis in Egypt.  While the Memphis in Egypt is now a ghost town with long abandoned temples and tombs the Memphis on Old Man Nile (Mississippi River) is alive and populated by people who more than likely resembled the ancient Kemetians.

Okay a quick search on Google confirms what I thought, this did evolve from gangsta walkin.  Tutting is the name for the hand and arm movements dancers make while gangsta walkin.  I hope Memphis is at least getting its props this time because they just let Atlanta take crunk music and blow it up.

lil buck tutting

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