Sunday, January 29, 2012


Why worry about the illuminati? I'd rather be like this dude!

Here is a better thing to focus on...


Everything else is a head fake (in basketball when you try to fake the defender).
This is embarassing.  DON'T GO FOR THE HEAD FAKE!!!

There is always a new rumor or story floating around on the internet and news media to get everyone riled up.  A week ago everyone was talking about this bill that Obama signed that will remove due process from US citizens and make it possible to detain anyone.  Now everyone is going on and on about Monsanto and genetically modified foods.  Oh yeah, every other day Newt (lol, newt) Gingrich says something perceived as derogatory about blacks and latinos.

Can't you see this is all just a pump fake?  Who cares if Newt says blacks aren't business minded enough (there is a lot of truth in that statement BTW).  There will ALWAYS be some new bullshit (excuse my french) to keep you sidetracked.  The best approach is to sit back and laugh while you carry out your own Grand Plan!

Don't Fall For the Pump Fake. It's Not a Good Look!

It is best to stand firm like an oak tree, unable to be swayed by the rumors of the day.
If you are not sure of your mission and purpose in life then it will be easy to be influenced and get caught up in whatever is going on around you.  Most people are like tiny plants just shooting up out of the ground.  They sway in the wind with every passing rumor.

When you KNOW that you are connected to the Source of Life itself within you then you should not be able to be swayed easily.  Focus on whatever your goals and desires are and do not give even an ounce of energy towards frivolous topics and events in the world that you have absolutely no control over!  This is not to say do not stay informed.  Just make sure you remain focused on your objectives.
Don't Forget The Source of Life Itself Lies Within You!

Remain strong and focused and continue to RISE like the oak tree.  Who cares what the squirrels and chipmunks are doing around you?  Let them do their job while you do yours.

Rest assured in the knowledge that everything is going to work out fine for you.

GOD/The Universe lies within you.

Everything in your reality is an out-picturing of what is going on inside you.  The more focus you put towards creating what you want to experience, the more your life will change on the outside.

It is possible that the constant rumors and stories circulating are tactics to keep people confused and weak.

Think about it for a minute...

We are heading into a time period where we will begin discovering how truly powerful we are.
While our current government may actually serve a needed purpose it does not really have a place in a world where people KNOW they are connected to the Source.

This World is Now coming upon us.

People can govern themselves.  ISLAM

Right now, people need government.  In their current mind-state the public without doubt needs the facilities of government to keep order going.  However we are rising to a point where eventually everyone will be able to stand tall and strong like the previous example of the oak tree.

So you have a choice.  Stay strong, confident, and have FAITH that the Source of creation, the True Christ, lies within you.  With this faith you can remain focused and create your reality.  OR you can blow around like a leaf in the wind.  Running around like a chicken with its head cut off with every new rumor circulating around.

This is Only a Test!
This is all a test!
Just like the Emergency Broadcast System that plays on TV sometimes.  Ignore it and go about your day.  Only a fool would get all excited and worried every time they hear the emergency broadcast.

Life is a test to see if you can remain focused and rise up regardless of what is going on around you.

Are You going to rise to the occasion and recognize yourself as The Christ?  If you don't figure it out this time around you'll get another chance in another dimension/plane of existence after you pass from this world.

Check out this video clip.  It is a great soundtrack to the topic discussed.

Much love.  Rise up and leave all the B.S. behind you!

"Nothing is independent of your perception of it, and this goes for that great philosopher among us who is still claiming that everything is independent of the perceiver - but that the perceiver has certain powers. It is not so. Nothing is independent of the perceiver. Everything is "burned up" when I cease to behold it. It may exist for another, but not for me. Let us make our dream a noble one, for the world is infinite response to you, the being you want to be."
-Neville Goddard

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  1. Good 2 hear from U again. This is a reminder that needs to be repeated over and over. Even for people who all ready know what time it is, because if we dont stay focused we just get rocked back to sleep. Im glad to hear U speak on Faith. With all my studies and knowledge I'v abtained through out the years, I'm now comin' to an Understanding of what TRUE FAITH is. Thanks for the post.


  2. Peace My Wise Young King. You have learned what I shared with you well and you have Taken it to the Next Level. Keep You Eye on The Prize .

  3. Well written and what I have been saying.

  4. Peace & Blessings. Preciate the Positivity! Much blessings, glad 2 hear from you as well. It's definitely all about staying focused, as a wise man told me "It's an inside game!"

  5. Peace LordPharoah, Much appreciation. You helped me wipe some of the coal from my eyes and now its full steam ahead!
    Much Love!

  6. Peace Gino,
    Thanks for the encouraging words.
    I just liked your facebook page. Good work!
    Peace and Blessings Bro!

  7. Shit in one hand and wish in the other, and see which one fills up first. I get a kick out of all you new agers figuring you are a god. Why don't you manifest yourself a few bricks of gold? Cook one up for me too please. Until one of you fools walks on water you are full of shit. Mind over mater? Sure. I have yet to see anyone actually manipulate matter with their mind though. Until you can pull that off YOU ARE NOT A GOD.

    While you milk money from google advertisers and chumps that decide to donate to you there are people actually working to fix the problems with the system. Perhaps you can take time out of your practices of how awesome you are to get some work done. If you are self sustainable that is great. Somehow I doubt you can live without money (very few can in north america). Your comfort is someone else's slavery. Clothes and electronics are slave made. I won't even touch the subject of food. "All suffering stems from desire". This includes the suffering of your brothers and sisters.

    That is great that we all want to fly away into another dimension where all of our problems fade away into nothing but love. Please grab a clue YOU ARE DELUSIONAL. While you sit on your ass not worrying about anything, shit is going down and the psychopaths are closing in. Keep thinking you are one of the chosen 144,000. Bullets travel through your head just like everyone else's. Manifest that bullet away, good luck! Oh and if you want some real advice from god, Jesus had a pretty good line and it is still relevant today.

    "Beware the money changers"


    1. Lmao over 100,000 people live in north America not only without money but also without homes and their still living! So sad we read the Bible but yet have no understanding what we have read, what's even worst is. tho Bobby isn't 100% correct with everything his says, he has more understanding about himself & the Creator than we do! Jesus said Mark 11:23 and I quote "That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith"!!!!!! Yo Bobby, need I say more lol!

      Peace to the Gods & Goddess of the world!

      Most Praise to the Creator of everything! "Thought "

  8. Perfect timing on this post. I was just thinking last night that I should be focusing on the positive and leave all the heavier stuff to those who prefer to focus on that. My mission is to bring light where there is darkness in myself and others. Thanks again for this timely reminder. Goodness Bless, Love and Light

  9. You are what you think you are dude.
    I have no argument with anything you said.

    Keep doing you!

    Focusing on what I'm doing is not going to bring you any success in your life I guarantee it.

  10. Peace and thanks for the positivity! As you can see there are plenty of people to worry about the bullshit going on around us.

    To everyone who wants to use their mind to the fullest potential you are on the right track!


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