Thursday, September 15, 2011


Don't Miss This Show!  We will be speaking about various topics incl. our new system that will Help You Achieve the Greatness You Were Born to Realize!
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Airdate: Sun, Sep 18, 2011 10:00PM

LORDS OF THE 7CS: Tha 144000 09/18 by BeverlyD | Blog Talk Radio
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You Don't Want To Miss This Show!

Sharif Mika’el Ali, entrepreneur, world traveler, author, website owner, business consultant, alchemist, loving husband and father.

Sakkara Ali, teacher, entrepreneur, world traveler, author, website owner, loving wife and mother.

 We decided in 2007 to move out of the country, in particular to Bahia, Brazil. En route to Brazil, while living in Miami, we made a series of videos named Tha 144,000 (for various reasons) aimed at raising consciousness/awareness in our community and to help everyone gain a greater understanding on the global shift that is taking place right now.

We are So Happy and Excited to release our Wonderful 40 Day Master System To The World.

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