Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Hmm...Gee I wonder what this movie is really about?

Wow, Sebastian Shaw really laid it out.  "There's a revolution coming.  Each of Us Faces a Choice, Be Enslaved or Rise Up To Rule."

Lol he even added "You Can Stay and Fight For the People Who Hate and Fear You or You Can Join Me and Live Like Kings and Queens."

These X-Men movies are all about trying to shut down the rising energy, the rising Kundalini of the planet and her inhabitants (US).  Ultimately it doesn't work.  They may get the average movie goer to cheer the X-Men on as they use their powers for EVIL...*cough, cough* I mean good to fight against their mutant brothers.

Think about the mind job they are trying to work on you to make you cheer for the X-Men who fight to protect people who hate and fear them even at the expense of killing their fellow mutant brothers and sisters.  They are the next stage in evolution and they are always scared of their abilities and powers.  They are always shown in the movies as fearful of accepting who they are and rising up.  They are always under the thumb of the government that can just decide to lock up and kill them at any moment.

The people and government they fight to protect always locks them up and treats them ALL as enemies whenever they feel the need to.  It doesn't matter if token gov't official Beast rubs elbows with the president, lol.  Overall the human population hates and fears them.  And to make it worse the Mutants have the power to destroy all of their enemies easily.  Hell Magneto by himself could take over the entire planet if not for his brothers and sisters the X-Men fighting against him.

And Storm, they always show her skills as weak.  Like all she can do is provide mist clouds for cover or some weak shit like that but come on.  The mutants in the movies do not have to be victims. That is my main point.  They choose to stay victims out of Fear of Their Own Greatness!

They even played off of the whole Martin Luther King/Malcolm X deal with Professor X and Magneto in previous films.  Hell Mystique even quoted Malcolm X's "by any means necessary" line.  Of course she was seen as one of the bad guys.

Basically, The X-Men movie franchise is all about us, (black people, African Americans, Moors).  We are rising up and our DNA is currently going from two strands to twelve and up.  The movies are an attempt to place an underlying subliminal message into your subconscious mind that will keep you locked down!  They want you to feel attached and stuck in this current state of things.

Its called X-Men First Class but it might as well be called Black-Men Second Class Citizens because that is what they want us to remain.  It's not going to work.  I had to get that outta my system though.  When you do expose yourself to radio, tv and movie programming keep your Third Eye (Pineal Gland) wide Open!
  • Sharif Ali These problems will always exist until we start making our own films, with full control over all aspects including distribution. Nothing is subtle. Especially in hollywood. Entertainment is the only major export the usa has anymore. a lot of work goes into screenwriting and movie/tv production.Almost every shot has a cinematographer to make sure that each take could be made into a photograph.
    Especially for a major blockbuster. This is mass programming with subliminal messages intended to influence the group think for large amounts of people. The avg person thinks it is just entertainment so their mind is at ease. Successful script writers have to be well versed in the occult and able to embed messages within the storyline that fit what the studios are asking for.
    It isn't child's play. media is big business and has an effect on you even if you don't watch the movies b/c chances are your neighbors and their children will watch it.
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