Sunday, March 27, 2011

CONSPIRACY WORLD RADIO (3-26-2011 Podcast)

On this collectivist culture we have:
Che “Rhymefest” Smith takes time out from his extremely busy political campaign to discuss the many parameters surrounding his success and struggle on the road to a Chicago 20th Ward Alderman status. We discuss the ways in which his political competition have used his moniker as “rapper” against him ,as well as citing all of the artists such as Kayne West and Lupe Fiasco who have supported him and his aspirations for the community. Rhymefest's meeting with UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, is the subject as we explore the dark side of political success, including the importance of collectivism in our culture. A heart-warming experience.

The Four Horsemen's noble knight Ras Kass steps in to explore the making of the forthcoming Four Horsemen album with Canibus, Killah Priest and Kurupt. We take an in-depth look at the producers such as RZA, DJ Premier and dissect track concepts, guest features, Slaughtherhouse's involvement on the project and much more in this engaging and encouraging head-to-head. Aside from the Four Horsemen project we talk Game beef, a full length album between Ras Kass and DJ Muggs and his forthcoming solo album trilogy. Not to be missed.

Scheduling an interview with one the undergrounds hardest working producer /rappers can be as "hard as they come" , which is why this one came of a suprise and somewhat of a "dream" to us. However, you are not dreaming. In a rare and cadid feature length interview, we are joined by 1/3 Cunninlynguists, the ever elusive Kno. Far from a sleeper, in this awakening interview we discuss the creation of new Cunninlynguists Oneirology and the crews "strange journey" and accomplished dreams thus far. In addition, we find time to discuss an array of issues, not letting a related Kno/Cunninlynguists issue rest to sleep, taking the interview in all directions, making the outcome a dream for any Kno/Cunninlynguists aficionado. Don't snooze on this one.

Having recently graced XXL Magazine's 2011 Freshmen cover, Bronx mainstay, Frederick Thomas aka Fred The Godson might be the current topic of conversation online. However, on the street, Fred is no Freshman and has been grinding his way to success since his days ciphering. In an effort to find out exactly who Fred is and why so many are singing his praises, we figured what better way to learn then to talk to the rising star himself. Touching on everything from his humble beginnings, work ethic, to a forthcoming collaboration with DJ Premier and more. Newcomers take note and learn. Class is now in session. "Toast to that".

Viper Records' Mohammed Dangerfield walk off the political battlefield to discuss their latest album and forthcoming solo material. Hasan Salaam and Rugged N Raw aren't just rappers - their industrious, pro-social work outside of music personifies their quest for righteous and in a similar way to their label owner. Immortal Technique, they place a huge amount of importance upon improving the world around them.
Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg brings his Low Budget crew to the party with Kev Brown and Kaimbr being the latest to deliver their set, namely the forthcoming album ,The Al-exander Green Project physically via Redefinition Records and digitally on Real Late Records. Joining us on the show with additional company from the likes of Ken Starr and Peter Rosenberg, the partnership that is Kev Brown and Kaimbr break down the album's creative process, touching on the theme of the album, consisting of solely Al-green samples and a foundation built on crew love and energy and an update on the future of Low Budget. Enjoy!


Controversial XXX adult entertainment star, Brian Pumper, slinks into the studio to take a frank and offensive look at his life as a man who simply has sex with women for a living. A superb job if you get it, "The Pumper" addresses Laurence Fishburne and his daughter "Chippie D", a lady who wanted to star in her own movie with Brian but then attempted legal action to block it's release after her dad kicked off and stopped her allowance. In this seductive feature-length interview, Brian Pumper takes us on a journey into the world of hardcore. Not for the easily shocked or unimaginative.

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