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(excerpt 9) Quilted Genealogy, A New Constellation

Quilted Genealogy, A New Constellation
Cryptographic hieroglyphics: computers speaking in tongues – a multiplex of information. Words are numbers are symbols are signals.
As psychoanalysis strips away layer after layer of ones’ pysche until the real you is laid bare, signal analysis unravels layer upon layer of information, purposely encoded to obscure its core, its secrets.
I would be trained in radio telemetry, signal analysis and wave propagation. How appropriate! My heart’s desire was to strip myself bare of all artifice, until the genesis of me, that voice of the soul that loves me, is all there is of me. To strip away all the bullshit until I am tabla rasa, a clean slate, a clear mirror, free of dust.
Transmitting and receiving radio transmissions is a facsimile of the process of mental telepathy. So why not learn the art and science of radio telemetry which is akin to the art and science of the mind. Why not uncover the secrets of the world? Why not listening in on the secrets of nations, governments, all the power players on behalf of the biggest power player – America?
I wasn’t under any delusion of patriotism. No. I wanted to understand America’s position in the world. How the white people kept their edge over the planet.
Information! Whoever has the information has the power. This is why, as we’ll later discuss, Universal Awe is the only true power.
The Lightholders have no need for electronic surveillance to unveil what’s been veiled. No telescopes, televisions, telephones, wiretaps, etc. are needed. Just a pure heart and mind! Ha!
These so-called powerful people with all their equipment are nothing to the Lightholders of Universal Awe! But I’m getting a little ahead of myself.
MT and I gingerly entered this new phase of our journey in Vista, Virginia. We went through another battery of intense physical and psychological examinations. Sure enough, we were surrounded by the best and brightest young men from around the country. Geniuses in mathematics, computer programming, engineering, and linguistics, senators’ sons and whatnot. And now two hotshot niggers out of Illumination, Virginia had crashed the party.
Immediately we took charge. All the candidates were addicted to gambling, so we took them for everything they had.Having graduated from the illustrious pool halls and backrooms of Harlem, I was an accomplished and notorious pool shark. Michael Thomas was an ace with a deck of cards. He dealt seconds, thirds, from the top, middle or bottom of the deck. We both had a masters in gambling with an emphasis on hustling.
I almost felt sorry for these white boys we punished them so bad. (Not really.) Between the two of us, we jacked our comrades out of at least a few grand in a few days.
Our quilted genealogy fed their natural fascination with all things black. Racially no one could place Michael Thomas and I, being a few shades darker and ever the swashbuckler who just didn’t give a shit; we both were automatically held in awe.
There were a few other brothers. But, being raven-black, they received much harsher treatment.
Fuck that, we jacked these Harvard and Yale boys on their behalf. Gambling was our weapon. Taking their money was like a small down payment on reparations.
We were in our element and couldn’t wait to leave the country, to conquer the world. This was too sweet!
I was quoting Descartes, Spinoza, Nietsche; all that bullshit I learned in college was another weapon in my arsenal. None of these Harvard and Yale boys could beat me in a debate, I’d throw all their learning right back at them.
It’s all guesswork. The whole Western paradigm’s just, at best, a hypothesis. They admit that in college. Why should I take your guesses as gospel?
Should I base reality on your theories? Should I really believe I’m a product of natural selection, evolution, or that the first man miraculously appeared on the planet six thousand years ago?
The entire canon of Western thought, philosophy, and religion was suspect and I loved nothing more than poking holes in its seemingly impervious armor. So I took these boys money with one hand and their minds with the other.
Instinctively I knew there was an elixir, a fourth dimensional reality beyond anything taught in the universities of the West. Instinctively I knew everything in nature has its opposite or opponent. Instinctively I knew that the goose that laid the golden egg was simply and more accurately a vulture eating the carcass of the ignorant.
Having grown up in the unique milieu of Illumination, Virginia I saw the Western people and America specifically as my natural opposite and opponent.
Our oral folklore stated that a great Black king would rise up from among us, that we would rise and rule the world. Maybe it was just folklore and fairy tales but MT and myself bought it hook, line, and sinker.
Our quilted genealogy was a camouflage, a cover, to slip in and out of the racist society of America without getting picked off like a daffy duck. The black people were so meek and humble, so good that the majority
of us felt all people had that same sweet and humble disposition. A fatal mistake. We felt you had to have some white blood in you to comprehend their game of oppression.
If you look at most of the bold leadership in North America, from Fredrick Douglas to Adam Clayton Powell to Malcolm X, they all had that quilted genealogy. Later, I understood scientifically the nature behind the game. That will be coming in a few more pages.
Just before we were to begin basic training we got some bad news. Michael Thomas did not pass his physical examination. Even though he’d aced the academic and psychological tests, the health problems that had plagued him since birth eliminated him from military service. His kidneys, in particular, were in bad shape.
The wind was knocked out of both of us.
“Go ‘head man. I’ll find a way in there. We’ll meet up in Tokyo, New Zealand, somewhere. You go on.”
I hated to leave my partner behind but what else could I do but go forth with our plans. So we parted. I was formally inducted into the army then took off to Fort Jackson, South Carolina for basic training.

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