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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


All I can say is Wow.  Once again someone has posted "footage" of suspect images taken from Mars online.  This time using Google Mars the self described "armchair astronaut" zoomed in on what appears to be a man-made structure on Mars. Just in case you haven't heard Mars has a blue sky btw.  Click here to check it out.

A self-described "armchair astronaut" claims to have found a base on the planet Mars using a satellite imaging map. He thinks the base could have been made by aliens.  The video David Martines uploaded to YouTube has been viewed more than 850,000 times (It Has Since Been Removed). He says the 750'-by-150' cylinder-like structure that he's zoomed in on using Google Mars looks like it's made for people to inhabit. In the video, Martines say he assumes people live in the cylinder or have lived in it.

And get this, the reply by "experts" was that it could have been made by interference by "cosmic energy" with the cameras.  WTF???


The pull out some geek to say stuff like this, knowing that the average person has no idea what they are talking about and will just assume that the "expert" is therefore smart and correct.

Listen to this crap:

"It looks like a linear streak artifact produced by a cosmic ray," Alfred McEwen, a planetary geologist at the University of Arizona told Space.com.

I had to repost the video because it was removed from YouTube (mysteriously, lol).  Here is the link to the story on Yahoo:  http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_thelookout/20110606/us_yblog_thelookout/armchair-astronaut-mars-video-goes-viral

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