Thursday, October 13, 2016

Denying Racism | White Privilege

The other day a friend of mine shared a post questioning where all the people were who changed their Facebook profiles when events happen in France after the large loss of lives in Haiti.  She called it FAKEbook.  Here's her post and my wife's response below.

A big part of white privilege is the denial of atrocities and blatant racism aimed at "black" people.  For example, in the past when lynch mobs formed to murder innocent black men, women, and children, "good" Christian whites turned their heads and acted like they did not know what was going on.  Many whites back in the 60s called Civil Rights protestors trouble makers for using cameras and the media to expose the terrorism they had to deal with on a regular basis.

I received a Facebook message from one of these "good" whites who claims to not see color.  Below is the exchange if you care to read it.  I guess you could say its how-to on dealing with white denial of racism.

Here's the exchange:

  • Conversation started Tuesday

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